Reading about exercise made me realize that…

January 23rd, 2015

So, I’ve been reading the first chapter in my course book “Foundations of Exercise Psychology” and I’ve been reading about exercise; what it is, different types of it, why we do it, why it’s good for us and so on. It actually occurs to me that I like to exercise for many reasons, almost all the reason mentioned in the chapter. Of course I love to see results. It’s nice to get more visible abs and notice that you’ve grown stronger. But for me it is also the time of the day when I get to focus on me – it is rest for my brain and thoughts. It helps relieve stress, it gives me more confidence.. it just makes me feel good. And for many more reasons than that, it why I realize that I truly love to workout. Not because of an eating disorder – because I actually truly enjoy it! For me it’s not a pain or something I have to force myself into doing. I don’t have to look at motivational instagram picture to work hard. I love to run until sweat starts to drain from my neck, I love lifting until my knees get week, and I also love to just exercise for fun without pushing myself sometimes. I look forward to go to the gym or cheer practice. And for me, realizing that is a relief. Now I know, and I can honestly say, that my exercising is NOT controlled by anorexia or any other eating disorder!


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