About beating your eating disorder

October 13th, 2014

So, you wanna know what I think?

I think both you and I have beaten our eating disorder once, twice or many times by now. I think that we all have made healthy choices by only recognizing our problem. And I believe that health is not something we abtain by fighting towards it as one single goal. I believe that by continue doing what we already have done many times in the past; beating our illness, we will obtain a healthy lifestyle. But our life will only be healthy as long as we keep fighting for it.

It is not like running a marathon and finally, when you’ve crossed the goal line, you’ll never have to run again. It is more like crossing the desert; sometimes you just want to run, other times you have not option but to walk upphills, and other times you may have to stop and plaster your feet before you can continue. Sometimes you’ll get sick along the way, and doubt that you’ll ever be able to continue, but sometimes you may find motivation in those who walked the path before you.

I do not believe that there is a finish-line for “now you will always be free from your eatingdisorder“, I believe that it is an everyday fight that you will have to continue throughout your life in order to live a healthy life. But I do also believe that every day will make us stronger and the fight will become easier and easier to win every time, and finally we’ll beat our ED every single day without even giving it a thought or two.

I don’t think it’s about beating Ana once or twice, I think it’s about keep beating Ana throughout my life time.

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